Before an athlete may participate in practice sessions in any sport, you must complete an athletic packet, as well as the following eligibility requirements. The athlete and parent/guardian must also view the Informed Consent Video. The video is provided for parents and athletes to explain the risks involved in athletic participation and the importance of maintaining body fluids. For more information please click on your sport link below. 
Athletic Clearance for Participation
The following is required:
  • Emergency Card
  • Proof of insurance coverage or school insurance
  • Signed parent permission form
  • Physical examination signed by a doctor (physicals performed after March 15th will be accepted)
  • Birth Certification on file
  • Enrollment in at least 5 classes
  • Informed Consent Form signed by a parent and student
  • Concussion Statement and Acknowledgment Form
  • AIA Participation Regulation Form (520 Transfer form if applicable)

 Here at Cesar Chavez, we offer the following Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) athletics for student participation: