My name is Ms. Chandler Eshleman and I have the district honor and priviledge to lead the Student Government Class and Program.

This class is critical not only to the students who attend the class but to all students who value and want to experience South Mountain High School. Our job simply is to create the best connections both personally and professionally, and in this process advocate for every student. All students are invited to participate in school dances, events, games, homecoming, and clubs.

I have an open door procedure so all is welcome.
Ms. Chandler is a member of SMHS in her 26th year of education. I am an English Teacher (Freshman House) and I am a cheer coach. I attended ASU graduating with a BIAS, and I have two Masters degrees from GCU. I have coached cheer and sponsored student council in multiple schools and district and I am excited about being a part of such a pivotal program at SMHS.
If you are interested in participating please feel free to contact me.
Last Modified on January 6, 2017