• Bioscience High School Freshmen Experience 2017-2018
    How do I make sense of the world?
    Grade Level: 9                                                                                                                                            Phone: 602-764-5600
    Number of Semesters: 2                                                                                                                               Credits: .5 Credits Each Semester
    Mr. Ben Anderson (Humanities) 
    Mr. Abner Calderon (Health/Fitness)
    Ms. Sharon Leskie (Spanish) 
    Student Liaison: Lionila Gariepy
    The Freshman Experience is centered around students' exploration of how they make sense of the world. Students will work on developing an understanding of the world by using the following essential questions throughout their learning experiences in their freshman year: 
    1. What is a model?
    2. Why and how do I create models?
    3. Why and how do I use models?
    4. What is the the relationship between interaction and change? 
    To facilitate the experiences centered around these essential questions, the four quarters of the school year will be divided into four themes:
    • Human and Self
    • Human and Society
    • Human and Environment
    • Human and Technology  
    The essential texts for the Freshmen Experience are:
    Life of Pi  in defense of food   hunger games   Time Machine


    The essential texts for the Freshmen Experience are The Life of Pi, In Defense of Food, Hunger Games, and The Time Machine.  Although students were provided with a digital copy of the text, some students may elect to purchase their own copy.  The possible films we will be showing are Cesar Chavez, The Matrix, Experimenter, Baraka, Super Size Me, El Mar Adentro and Bajo la misma luna.

    Required Materials for the Freshmen Experience:

    All students are required to bring a bound composition freshmen notebook, graphing calculator (will be checked out), computer, charger, fitness clothes, and writing utensils to school each day.