• Exceptional Student Services
    Welcome to the Maryvale Exceptional Student Services Department! 
    Our Rule: Everyone is entitled to a special program to help them learn.  Maryvale is an Inclusive Community!
     At Maryvale High School, we offer a full continuum of special education services and learning environments.  We offer programs for students with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, health impairments, and a range of mild to severe intellectual disabilities.  For those who qualify, we offer a spectrum of related services, including speech and language, vision, hearing, occupational and physical therapies, nursing and counseling.  Each student's programming is based upon their Individualized Education Plan and monitored by the Facilitator, Counselor, Case Manager and Special Education teachers in the various programs.
    Exceptional Students Services Facilitator: Rachel Fenno
    Phone #: 602-764-2026


    Cornelius Bowick
    Harvey Brandt
    Alex Celis
    Susan Erwin
    Rachel Fenno
    Daisy Gates
    Sumareh Hawa
    Janice Holland
    Makayla Jackson
    Valerie Kyalla
    Lisa Lopez
    Pam O'Neil
    Kim Phillips
    Bonnie Rethaford
    Susan Smith
    Rhonda Turman