Be A Leader Club           
    Sponsors: Mr. Mario López         lopez@phoenixunion.org
                       Ms. Suzane Hernández    shernandez@phoenixunion.org
                       Ms. Eloisa Horvath           horvath@phoenixunion.org
                       Mr. Cesar Arzola               cesar.arzola@bealeaderfoundation.org 
    Meeting: Thursdays ~ 2:35 - 3:30 pm Room #104

    This is Maryvale's College-Going Network!
    Maryvale High School is proud to offer the Be A Leader campus club! Be A Leader Club is student-run club open to all students who express a desire to achieve a college education.  It is a forum for members to network and discuss such college-going topics as financial aid, SAT/ACT preparation, and effective personal statements. Club members can also take part in fun workshops and participate in various activities including college visits, career shadow days, community service/ volunteer projects, and more!
    The Be A Leader Foundation designs programs that provide a positive learning environment and a college-focused mentality for each participant to develop their high school and college educational plan (4 plus 4 plan). We work directly with middle school and high school students in primarily inner-city schools to engage them into active development of their self-esteem, leadership skills and long term preparation of their 4 plus 4 plan. Ultimate success is achieved through our long-term relationship and stewardship of their educational evolution from middle school into high school, culminating with active participation at the university level and ultimately a college degree.
     Maryvale High School Club Officers
    Lilian Bustamante                               President
    Patricia Pérez                                    Vice President
    Yeraldy Cabrera                                Secretary  
    Tania Ramos                                     Marketing & Recruitment Chair
     Ruby Silvas                                      Activities Chair
    Be A Leader Officers 2
    Be A Leader Officers!
     (Lilian Bustamante, Patricia Peréz, Tania Ramos, Yeraldy Cabrera, Ruby Silva)
    Be A Leader Club 2017
    Be A Leader Club 2017 - 2018!
    Find out about student workshops / Parent Meetings / Events, and vital information. 
    Upcoming Events:
    November 13, 2017

    December     2017

    January 13, 2018        February 10, 2018   

    Main Entertainment 

    Field Trip

    Gift Sponsor for Angel Tree

    Finding the Leader Within


    Choose Your Summer Adventure Workshop


    Having Soooo much fun Volunteering @ The Lakes!

    Canyon Lake                 Lake Pleasant          Sahuaro Lake                Bartlett Lake
    Canyon Lake Awards Barlett Lake 2017 Canyon Lake (BAL)
     Main Event 2017
     Hanging @ Main Event Laser Tag 2017
     Be A Leader 2017 Pic 8
    Be A Leader January 2018 Officer's Retreat @ Gateway CC 
    Be A Leader 2017 Pic 7  Be A Leader 2017 Pic 6
    Be A Leader 2017 Pic 5 Be A Leader 2017 Pic 4
    Be A Leader Officers 2016-2017
     Leaders Retreat Jan 2017
    Officer's Retreat January 27, 2017 
    Be A Leader 2017

     October 22, 2017

     BAL 2017 The Walk The Walk 2017